SHADES is an organisation for South Asian* creatives in the U.K which aims to create and promote work within the community to reach a wider audience. We campaign for better representation across the board whether you are a budding designer, a seasoned bass guitarist, the next Ben Kingsley, or a boss ass stage manager, you are welcome to join.

SHADES is the brainchild of Karen Mann and Alexandra D'Sa, both British Indian actresses working in the U.K. 

*If you work in the Arts, and identify with the South Asian community in any way, we welcome you to into the fold! As well as, of course, our allies.


  • A mouthpiece for South Asian creatives and issues in the Arts affecting the South Asian community

  • Pushing for more representation in the arts, from university/arts schools to production houses

  • Driving accessibility to creative subjects in primary, secondary and higher education


  • Speaker events

  • Skills sessions (writing/auditions etc.)

  • Bi-monthly meetups

  • Scratch & Open Mic nights

Bursaries & Schemes

  • Space for workshops/rehearsals/performances

  • Mentor/buddy scheme

  • Funding for projects

  • Competitions for tickets to shows/gigs/events